Friday, June 19, 2009

just in case you're looking for me for the next 2 weeks or so...

This is what I'll be doing...

I'll let you know if we see T-Pain while we're sailing the British Virgin Islands!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I may be an old lady, but I know you're jealous you don't have one of these!!

So I decided I was going to make a baby blanket for Thomas' friends Shannon and Brian. Their baby girl, Emma, is due on July 4th, so I figured she would be the perfect baby for me to crochet my first baby blanket!! :) I found a pretty easy pattern, that only used 2 colors. I've only crocheted scarves, and only used one color, so this was a little new for me. Once I googled part of the pattern to figure out what they meant, I got it done. And don't worry, the blanket isn't that small, it's folded. I am super proud of myself, and cannot wait to start crocheting more!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Over it...

I cannot handle fake people anymore. You know the ones I'm talking about. The people who pretend to be your friends for YEARS, and then something happens. Maybe it's a co-worker, and when you try approaching a topic that needs to be discussed, you are immediately put down, and then not spoken to afterward. Or maybe it's those girls who have some sort of chip on their shoulder, and cannot think of anything better to do, so they talk shit about you behind your back (while still being your "best friend" to your face, of course). How did I waste years of my life thinking that I was honestly friends with these people? How could I have not realized how incredibly two-faced and mean spirited they were all along? But more importantly, what the hell did I ever do to them to deserve this?

How did our "friendship" come to you not even acknowledging my existence? Or you putting me down every chance you get behind my back?

Life is entirely way too short to be so angry! Even if I did do something to hurt you, either let it go, or talk to me about it, so I can learn from my mistakes. Don't dwell on it, and continue to pretend to be my friend. That is just so childish. But if you want to hold a grudge for the rest of your life, then that is your prerogative. However, I am a firm believer in karma, so what goes around comes around. And your childish behavior toward me WILL come back to kick you in your ass.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Slacker?

(When I wrote the title the first time, I ended up writing "Busty Slacker?" I thought it was too funny not to share)

So I'm a little bit of a slacker. And a hypocrite. I keep checking other people's blogs, and I keep meaning to write one. But I also get really mad when other people don't write that often. I mean, come on people! I need something to keep me busy!!

As if I didn't have enough on my plate already. One 40 hours a week job, one 20+ hours a week job, and a class that takes up 5-6 hours a week as well. I'm crazy, it's true. And I love it!

I had seriously forgotten how much I LOVE the restaurant industry!! I think I love it more now, probably because it's not my primary source of income. It's a second job that I absolutely love. Even though I'm just a hostess (well head hostess), it's amazing. I love all my co-workers, and it's awesome having new friends. And I'm not in bed by 9 every night like I used to be! haha! I am no longer an old lady. Except that I still crochet. And I live by myself and I have a cat. :) But other than that, I'm like a real 24 year old again! :) And it feels SO good!

The countdown is upon us my friends. T minus 82 days until we leave for our trip around the British Virgin Islands (just picture me saying this with my nose in air please). But more importantly, T minus 25 days until my awesome MOH comes to town, and I get to do ALL the fun bridal stuff that will seriously make me feel like I'm getting married. But even MORE importantly, T minus 5 days until I get to see my amazing fiancee for the first time in 6 weeks!

I've had a rough week, and I am very glad to be starting a new one. There was an incident at work that made me extremely sad (and I wish I could talk about it, but unfortunately, it's classified), but I am doing better now. I know this wasn't a great post, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, I've just been a little busy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thank you Bills!

Oh, and a quick shout-out to the Buffalo Bills.

Thanks for taking T.O. off our hands.

Good luck and Godspeed.

Driving in the Dark with no Headlights

So I'm driving down the highway with Sheree (Thomas' sister) to go to class on Thursday night. It's about 7:15, and I see a cop pulled over on the side of the road. I look down, and check my speed (which is a solid 70), and I feel a little relieved. Then, suddenly, the cop is behind me with his lights on. And not only are his lights on, but he is yelling at me over his speaker. In case you haven't ever been yelled at by a cop, let me be the first to tell you that it is not pleasant. First of all, it's damn scary. And secondly, you cannot understand a word that he is saying, so now I'm scared that I'm going to do the wrong thing and get shot at. Sheree and I deduce that he wants us to take the next exit, which we do, and pull over on the side of the road. We are still debating as to why he's pulling us over, and I think that maybe it's because my right brake light is out (which is a silly reason to be pulled over, but I KNOW I wasn't speeding, and couldn't think of anything else). The cop comes up to my window, and says to me, "Do you know that you're driving without your headlights on?"

Sidenote---Here is the story as to why my headlights were off: Sheree meets me at my house to go to class, and I tell her that I haven't picked up the oranges that I need to bring to class with me, so I'll have to run to the grocery store. (We were practicing our food and beverage signs in my ASL class) I drive to the store, and turn the car off, but leave the keys in the ignition, and tell Sheree that I will be right back. I stupidly turn my lights off, because the car is now parked, and that's just annoying to have your lights on when you're parked. So when I get back into the car, I forgot to turn them back on. The reason that I forgot to turn them back on is because my lights are automatic, so I usually never have to deal with them.

Continuing with the cop portion of my story....

I said to the guy, "Oh, no I didn't, I had to stop at the store, and I turned them off because I was parked, and I ran in to get something, and forgot to turn them back on." At least, this is what I was trying to say. I got interrupted at about the "turned them off" part. He then asked me if they work, and I said that they did, and they're actually automatic. So by this time, I'm thinking that he'll let me off with a warning, because I honestly just forgot to turn them back on. And, I mean, they're automatic freaking lights, AND it's not like they're broken or anything! Oh no, my friend. He goes back to his stupid little car and writes me a ticket for driving in the dark without my headlights.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis

Now, I never even thought of this term before John Mayer made it popular. And even then, I thought to myself, who the heck goes through a quarter life crisis? Doesn't everyone know what they want to do by the time they're 25? I know I did. I have known what career I wanted to go into at the age of 5. And I acheived this goal at the age of 22 (well 20 if you count internships). But now, at the ripe age of 24.67, I have come to realize that I am going through a quarter life crisis. I love dolphins. I love getting to work with them in the open water, and without the public around. It is fantastic! I hate that I have been at my job a year and 9 months, and have not been promoted. I hate that I feel like a glorified intern. And I hate that my job pays extremely crappy. So I have decided to look for a new career. I have had a lot of good ideas about where I want to go from here. And each one I have thoroughly looked into. Some plans have lasted longer than others. But here is the rundown:

  • Child Therapist

This one definitely has its upsides. One, I already have my Bachelor's in Psychology, with a minor in Child Development!! So I went ahead and spent the 100 some odd dollars on some study books for the GRE. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that starting out, I probably wouldn't be working with kids. I would have to work with adults, and then kids later. And do I really want to sit and listen to people's problems all day long? The answer to that is no. So then I thought....

  • Deaf Ed Teacher

Again, I already have a background in Child Development, as well as ASL! I thought this was perfect for me! I even visited a private school for only deaf children, and I loved it. However, there are only 2 of these private deaf schools in California. And I am well aware that Thomas will definitely be the bread winner in our household. So I can't justify only wanting to work at 2 places in California, when Thomas could be transferred anywhere in the state! But I am still going to continue with my ASL class that I am taking. Because why not?

  • Wedding Planner

So once you get that pretty little ring on your finger, the wedding industry hooks you in. I started watching all those shows on WETV (Rich Bride, Poor Bride, My Fair Wedding, Wedding Central, etc), and I thought to myself, "Hey! I am extremely organized, a little obsessive-compulsive, and a perfectionist! And I love being in charge! I could totally be a wedding planner!" And it would be really nice having a job that was a little more flexible so I could spend time at home with our kids. Then it dawned on me that I would be dealing with bridezillas all day long. This plan literally only lasted like 2 days.

  • Photographer

This is my current plan (we like to refer to it as the jam plan). First of all, I have always loved taking pictures. And I did have a brief stint in wanting to become a photographer. But then those dang dolphin ideas took over again. Second of all, my best friend has her degree in photography. It's not that I want to be just like her (because for the most part, I already am), but if I went into photography, I bet it would be easier for me to convince her to move out to California (which I have been working on for over a year now). This would take less schooling than getting my teaching credential, and if they accept my out of state basic courses, it would only take me like 3 semesters. That would only be for an Associate's though, which is ironic that I already have my Bachelor's and am now thinking about my Associate's. Anyway, we already have some thoughts on names for when we open our own studio. I won't go into them now, because I don't want to spoil it for you.

I think this whole photography thing is my most viable option. I could work anywhere, which would be helpful while Thomas is still moving around for his job. I could spend more time at home, than if I had a regular old 9-5 job. Plus, it combines the office aspect with the outdoors (for location shoots), so I wouldn't be cooped up inside all day. I'm pretty sure I could get Miss Chels to move out here if I decided to open my own studio. But the number one reason as to why I think this option is the best, is that my last name is going to be Shoots. I mean, it's perfect. (Okay, that's obviously not my number one reason, but I think it's a pretty dang good one! I would walk up to a client and say, "Hi, I'm Emily Shoots, and I'll be doing your shoot today!" It's like the opposite of when you go into the doctor, and his name is Doctor Payne. And hey, opposite)